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International franchise of training centers from the producer of robotics set R:ED

International franchise of training centers from the producer of robotics set R:ED

Open your R:ED LAB center of robotics and coding and earn up to 10 000 -12 000 Euro monthly*

*per month within 24 months range

International Holding
International Competition on Robotics
10 types of courses
Company-owned production of robotics sets
Online + Offline educational format
Corporate-owned and managed call center
One of the most requested disciplines in modern society. In 10 years from now, the number of robotic enterprises will reach 20 million units.

This means that every person in the near future will have to be able to control a robot or create it.
There are 8 million children aged 5-15 y.o. only in Russia (the age of acquaintance and the beginning of studying robotics)
75% of parents regularly invest in children’s additional education
+110% - annual growth rate of the educational robotics market
+25% - annual growth rate of the
global EdTech market
There are 8 million children aged 5-15 y.o. only in Russia (the age of acquaintance and the beginning of studying robotics)
75% of parents regularly invest in children’s additional education
+110% - annual growth rate of the educational robotics market
+25% - annual growth rate of the
global EdTech market
Numbers and Facts about Us
Цифры и факты о нас
Advanced technologies:
Proven business model
Well-established business processes of training and management, tested on our own centers and state budgetary educational institutions ( SBEI) classes (10,000+ trained children, 50+ SBEI classes in 3 years)
Comprehensive methods developed by experienced methodologists with 10+ years profile experience with the participation of child psychologists and roboticists
Robotics set designed by the international holding professionals. 10+ robotics set modifications
Strong product:
Expertise in training center management
State-issued educational license
Teachers’ certification and children’s assessment
Author programs
Systemic approach to the training process
Lump-sum payment from 6000 Euro
Payback period from 6 months
Business StartUp in 38 days
Fix royalties from 200 Euro/month beginning with 3rd month
What is R:ED LAB?
Demand for educational programs from R:ED LAB will always grow, as it is related to the most promising and stable developing areas in modern education — robotics and coding.
Always in-demand and crisis resilient product.
The most dynamically developing segment of the market
R:ED LAB is a part of the international educational robotics market, with an annual growth rate of 110% per year.
Fully equipped IT-infrastructure
All business processes are automated based on the corporate CRM system, including acquiring, end-to-end analytics, and IP-telephony. You will know everything about each of your clients.
Robotics kits are cheaper and more advanced functionally than competitors kits
R:ED LAB has developed its own R:ED robotics kit. The R:ED kit is cheaper and more advanced functionally than most competitors existing on the market.
All training programs meet the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard
Each R:ED LAB program has a corresponding certification.
Multi-year development program "Professions of the Future»
We have implemented continuing education programs, lasting 6-8 years.
Watch a brief video presentation
R:ED LAB is a well-established business system. A business is profitable when it is managed properly.
We offer several options for the R: ED LAB business opening and managing from scratch. They are suitable for towns and cities with a population of 50,000+ inhabitants.
What a child will get in R:ED LAB?
Clear curriculum
We offer classes on a strictly defined program. This increases the duration and quality of children's education.
Educational programs
for different ages and interests
We offer three educational directions.
If a program does not suit to a student, it can always be changed to an appropriate one. This nurtures the child's interest in classes and increases Life Time Value(LTV).
International competitions
We hold our own R:ED FEST robotics competition, as well as participate in Russian and international events in the IT field worldwide.
As well as the opportunity to operatе the R:ED modern educational robotics sets, which include:
R:ED LAB Investments Payback
Average number of children per month
Monthly Subscription Average Check
Revenue from one training center per month
Get a personalized business plan
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100 students
100 €
10,000-12,000 €*

*per month within 24 months range

within 2021
+ 60
+ 40
+ 5
Скоро открытие
Открытые филиалы
By buying a franchise, you will get
Ready-made training programs that meet all requirements and standards
Fully automated learning process
Design standards of the training center
Advanced robotics kits in terms of technical metrics, functionality, and usability
Advertising and promotion support at the launch stage
Teachers training with certification issuing
Franchising Kit
Own production
R:ED ONE is a robotics programming kit for children aged 6+ y. o. with its own Scratch-based R:ED CODE software and the ability to code in the Arduino IDE, as well as in Python, Javascript, and C++ environments.
Robotics Kit R:ED ONE
Robotics Kit R:ED PRO
is designed with the most up-to-date pedagogical methods and new trends in robotics specifically for children aged 6+ y.o. with its own Scratch-based R:ED CODE software.
Our training materials
The curriculum is designed for up to 8 years of continuous study
For preschoolers aged 5-7 y.o.
Program duration - 2-3 years
  • Algorithmic and programming in the Scratch environment (25 lessons) - drawing a cartoon with several characters, sounds and backgrounds, learning letters, and syllables, composing words.
  • Mobile robotics - learning how to program a robot and coming up with a ROBO fairy tale with a robot assistant starring.
  • 3D-modeling with a 3D- pen — 3D-drawing of characters and figures, decorating models and toys, creating souvenirs.
For students aged 8-15 y.o.
Program duration – 3 years
  • Algorithmic and creative programming in Scratch and AppInventor environments - programming a game and a mobile app.
  • Introduction to the smart home and mobile robotics — creating a virtual smart home and teach your robot to control it, joint training with robots for competitions, passing tracks, and mazes of different complexity.
  • 3D-prototyping-modeling and designing of 3D- models of varying complexity in Tinkercad and Freecad programs.
  • Introduction to augmented reality (AR) technologies in Unity 3D and Unity AR - creating games in AR, learning the basics of design.
  • Advanced Programming in Python and Kotlin - basic and advanced programming concepts.
Additional training plans
  • Master class scenarios
  • Intensive programs during school holidays
  • Curriculum for spring and summer urban robotics camps
We accompany partners from the first days of work
Introductory interview and consulting sessions for each partner with comprehensive follow up-support.
Methodological webinars
Quarterly methodological webinars, constant updating of masterclasses, and advertising products range.
Technical and legal support
Overall technical, methodological, and legal support.
Purchasing assistance
Assistance in premises selection and equipment, assistance in educational equipment purchasing and delivering. 
PR support
Federal PR support and timely information about the company's news and events
Context advertising
Assistance in launching context advertising in YandexDirect and Adwords.
Calendar plan launching 
Creating a calendar plan for startup activities of the facility
Teachers selection
Vacancies placement on teachers selections, conducting a test task, and initial interviews.
Brandbuilding support
Creating a website on a brand subdomain, corporate contacts issuing, printing layouts providing.
Instructions for launching robotics club, its opening plan
Business book with business running standards
Marketing book with the product description and its advantages
Instructions for launching robotics club, its opening plan
Robotics club organization and management system
Club promotion laws
in the educational services market
Webinars on launching, advertising and marketing, and attracting students to the robotics club
Pricing management tailored to your region
Scenarios for master classes and citywide events
Robotics club learning roadmap and curriculum
Recommendations for the selection
and delivering of equipment
Approved educational literature recommendations
Recommendations for obtaining educational activity license
Materials samples you will receive
Media about us

Our partners

Opening plan
- Legal entity registration
- Contract approval and signing
- Franchisees personal training
- Premises search and approval
- Lease agreement signing
- Premises renovation
- Robotics kits purchasing
- Teachers selection and training
- Information posting
on the corporate site r-ed.world
- Printing materials production
- Entrance group decoration
- Promoters selections
- CRM connection
10 days
11 days
17 days
We provide our franchisees with a huge database of marketing materials for any media and formats and helping with promotion at all stages. Also, we provide our franchisees with proven life hacks that demonstrated to be profitable.
Brand book and corporate identity
Marketing book and advertising products layout
Marketing research and instructions
Federal PR
Premises approval
Social media promotion
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Lump-sum payment
Royalties 3-rd month
Lump-sum payment
Royalties 3-rd month
Lump-sum payment
Royalties 3-rd month
from 50 to 500 thousand
900+ thousand
from 500 to 900 thousand
6000 €
7000 €
8000 €
200 €/month
250 €/month
300 €/month
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